School’s Out!

Why do many people believe teachers and
other school staff don’t work on inservice days? The point of
inservice days is for professional training and meetings so that we
can do our jobs better. One day last year, I had a meeting scheduled
with a woodworker who was planning a project with my class. He never
showed up so I called him to find out why. He said he’d bumped into
one of the parents who told him we had the day off and that he would
need to reschedule. Even some of my students think teachers don’t
work on inservice days.
Yesterday as my students left, I said,
“Have a great three day weekend!”
One little girl turned to me and
replied, “You too!”
Just for fun, here are some phrases I
heard today during our Professional Learning Communities training:
to hear the voices…
This is about distributive leadership.
When the elephant’s in the room, you’ve
got to name it.
If you go to the affective conflict,
you’re going to lose every time.
There’s a difference between dialogue
and discussion.
Leading change is a planned journey
into uncharted waters with a leaky boat and a mutinous crew. -Michael

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